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Hypnobirthing with Clementine


Modern hypnobirthing uses the knowledge that when the body is relaxed, birth happens more quickly and with less pain. The brain responds to every thought that we have so if we feel anxious and fearful about childbirth, the body reverts to our primitive fight or flight mode and we produce the stress chemicals adrenalin and cortisol. Blood is then re-directed to vital organs such as limbs and away from the uterus, resulting in the baby receiving less oxygen and the uterus working less efficiently. These chemicals slow down the birth as the body becomes tense and there is more pain. The brain thinks pictorially so hypnobirthing makes a lot of use of positive imagery and visualizations to let the brain feel comfortable with the idea of giving birth. If mum-to-be has relaxed, positive expectations about giving birth then the body will produce serotonin and oxytocin, the chemicals needed for an easier birth with fewer interventions.


Hypnosis is a natural state of daydreaming that we go into many times a day. You are aware in hypnosis and cannot be made to do anything that you don't want to do. Hypnobirthing uses hypnosis to relax the body and distract the mind so that when you are in labour you can distance yourself during contractions and let the body do what it has evolved to do. Hypnosis is used to gain access to subconscious ideas and thought patterns in order to relax the body and teach the mind that childbirth can be successful. Many women are anxious about the prospect of giving birth and we see and hear many frightening images and stories of labour. Hypnobirthing addresses these fears and replaces them with positive thoughts and feelings. Each week you will learn a self hypnosis technique to practice at home so that you are prepared for labour.

Why is Hypnobirthing with Clementine different?

Clementine is a highly experienced hypnobirther and hypnotherapist. She has a sound knowledge of how the brain works and how that impacts on the process of giving birth. She uses techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming and Solution Focused Therapy to ensure that mum-to-be and birth partner are fully prepared for the birth. The benefit of having a hypnotherapist as your hypnobirther is that other areas of your life will improve! Clementine's hypnobirthing classes are designed to complement other activities that you might be doing to prepare for birth, for example, yoga and NCT and will help whether you have a hospital or home birth. Some hypnobirthers will not mention pain or contractions. Clementine believes that we need to address these issues and learn how to deal with them but NOT dwell on them... Hypnobirthing can be done at any time of pregnancy, but if you are particularly anxious then the earlier the better. Partners are welcome to attend sessions.

Classes and Prices - Hypnobirthing

1:1 Sessions for mum-to-be and birth partners too.
The hourly sessions are ideal for women or couples. The relaxing sessions are useful for all prospective birthers and also those who may have had a traumatic birth experience in the past or people with a specific phobia of birth or things such as needles or hospitals. You will feel empowered and looking forward to the birth of your baby.

Clients will receive 2 CDs, Extensive notes and handouts. The cost is £300 for 5 sessions.

Topics covered during your hypno-birthing experience include:

Clementine O'Shaughnessy. Clinical Hypnotherapist. BA (Hons).
Dip SFHyp. Dip Counselling. DHP. HPD. LHS. AfSFH. CNHN

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Hypnobirthing sessions are held at:
The Therapy Room in my house in Southville - BS31PT.